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Lou Reed

He Couldn’t Find A Voice To Speak With

I am sorry princess
I’m so slow in loving.
Believe me, it is inexperience,
this inability to show affection,
the long minutes without words
and then a clumsy pinch perhaps
while sipping wine, while all the
time I thought “Tell her!” But didn’t.
Instead thought and tugged
as boys I’m told do
in adolescence,
but didn’t say, “I have traveled here miles,
it is so cold outside, to be near you
without plan or strategem in my head,
I know I appear dead
sulkyand silent
but my greatest need is to be with you
without speaking.

I cannot talk in person
I converse on phones
eyes unseen and then say
what in person remains unsaid.
I’m a sad and moody self
and your buoyancy lifts my life.
No not mistake my silence”.
I am speechless in two ways.
If a third I would not attend
your knitting,
sitting putting on a button, so.
The plastic flower rearranged.
Her glasses, new, perched on her nose
that I know
would receive my kiss if I would give it.
But I still sit spellbound possibilities
and amazed at my own dullness.
But do not be deceived.
In my head are a thousand words
for each and every love song.

Lou Reed, nacido Lewis Allen Reed  (Brooklyn, EE UU, 1942 – Southampton, 2013). Cantante, compositor y poeta.

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